About Me


Well, hey there! I’m Beth and I am BC Fotos. Ok, so it’s really hard to write about myself and make you want to fall in love with me, let alone hire me to be your photographer from now until forever, but I will definitely try! Here we go!

Now, I would consider myself a people person. However, saying that is so cliché I’d rather call myself an emotional lifestyle photographer. Whether it’s shooting a new baby, with little toes and a scrunched up nose, to a family session, with love abounding, to a wedding, which captures the true love of ones’ soul, my emotions are right there with my clients. I pour myself into my shooting and consider all my clients friends. Yes, I will cry with you and I will laugh with you. I am there for you – with you.

On a side note, I love observing my clients’ eyes. They truly are the windows to the soul. You can feel who the person is by really taking a deep look at their eyes. The way a father looks at his daughter and pictures her tomorrow, or the way a mother looks at her new baby marveling at her creation. Even the way a couple looks at each other like time has stopped and they’re the only two in this world – that ultimate love, intimacy, laughing and caring is what I live to capture. I want to capture you – in this moment.

I am the photographer who uses my camera to capture the art of life. We all have movements, laughter, looks and snuggles which move like artwork. Have you ever noticed it? It’s a beautiful thing. That is what I like to capture. This is something that lasts a lifetime. The cycle of our lives should be captured and adored. They are the moments that make us who we are and allow us to love the way we love. That’s where I come in. Let me tell ya, I live for this stuff!

Finally, here are a few things about me…I mean, how else can you really get to know me without some of my details!

1. I married my high school sweetheart.
2. I have identical twin daughters.
3. I am a firm believer in Jesus Christ.
4. I am fluent in sign language (ASL).
5. I have lived in MN my whole life.
6. I consider myself a pretty vibrant person but my favorite color is gray. Irony at its best.
7. I wish I were friends with Jimmy Fallon. Yes, seriously.
8. I tend to choose comedies over romantic movies. However, if it’s a romantic comedy, we’re golden!
9. I am 100% Norwegian. A pure bred, if you will.
10. I don’t like to take life too seriously…I am a natural goofball and will die living life that way.
11. I am an only child.
12. I believe things happen for a reason.
13. My lucky number is 13, so let’s end here!

That’s it – me in a nutshell. I hope to meet you, work with you and get to know you. Let’s capture YOU.